Q: What do you do?

A: We promote Open Source technologies within the community, on campus and in education and provide a setting for people interested in Open Source technologies to socialize and meet others with like interests.

Q: No, what do you really do?

A: We have weekly meetings where members hang out and chat about Linux, Open Source technologies, and anything else that interests them. We also sometimes have presentations, free pizza, installfests, Linux LAN parties and other activities. Have more ideas? Join the discussion list and suggest them.

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Weekly Meetings in Winter 2017

Hi everyone, I was able to reserve the room BE-330 for the SlugLUG again. This means that we can have weekly meetings again. For now, the time slot is Thursdays from 7-9pm but we may be able to change that if necessary. Otherwise, the first meeting of the quarter will be next week, Thursday,... Read More

Weekly Meetings Wed 7-9pm in Baskin 330

Hi -, SlugLUG will have weekly meetings again starting this week. We have reserved the room BE.330 every Wednesday 7-9pm from 9/28 to 11/29 (the week before finals). This is the same time slot we used last year, so I hope there are not too many conflicts with classes and such. As always, if... Read More

Career Opportunity in Linux Administration at PayPal

I think I might've sent this wrong the first time. Sorry if I didn't send it wrong and you get this e-mail twice. I received a message through LinkedIn from Michael Monroe about a PayPal career opportunity for people in SlugLUG: Hi Jimi, I hope this message finds you well. I was reaching out to... Read More

Weekly Meetings Moved To Wednesdays 7-9pm

Hi -, First of all, thank you everyone for participating in the poll. It seems the Wednesdays 7-9pm time slot works best, so starting next week, we will meet Wednesdays 7-9pm in Baskin 330. I also changed the room reservation accordingly. If there is something you want to discuss or need help... Read More

Meetings Starting Next Week

Hi everyone, There will be weekly meetings again this quarter! We may be able to change it later on but I managed to book the room BSOE-330 every Tuesday from 6-8pm until the end of the academic year (June 2). The first meeting will be next week. If there is something you want to discuss or... Read More
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